Got an artsy problem or project? Work with me!

If your organization is looking for fresh ideas, inspiration, or help getting your message out there – I’m your girl.

With a background in law, non-profits, consulting, communications, and – of course – the fine arts, I’m your person for artsy challenges. Whether you can’t figure out what’s not working or just need a boost in the right direction, I’m always super excited to bring a new perspective and, most importantly, new solutions to the table.

My personal mission is to bring people to the arts, and arts to the people… so if you need help doing the same, well my friend, let’s team up.

Not the artsy type? I also specialize in making complex topics understandable, conversational, and even fun – and I’ve applied this approach to multiple disciplines outside of the arts. Let me know if you need some assistance in making difficult material easy to understand.

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