Well... hello!

Welcome to Artfully Guided! I'm Kayleigh – a former opera singer, ex-lawyer, MBA who is passionate about bringing people to the arts and arts to the people. I am exceptionally interested in digging into the principles embedded in the fine arts and applying those learnings to everyday life. I believe that, collectively, we have forgotten what a profound tool the arts can be for our well-being – as a mirror, as a meditation, and as a roadmap. 

If you're new to the fine arts or you've drifted away from your birthright of making, watching, and listening – I welcome you. Here, you will find stories from the arts and artists that you can transpose into your own personal development. You'll also find tips on how to engage with the fine arts and get the best return on your time and attention. Finally, you'll (re)discover how to make art – whether for the first time, or by reawakening forgotten corners of your heart, mind, and body.

If you're an artist or a professional working in the fine arts, I welcome you as well. You are already in touch with the transformative, expansive, nourishing power of the fine arts, and here you will find a likeminded community of those who know. Let it be fuel for your fire as you provide art for the people.

With that, I invite you to begin your own journey to (re)connect with the fine arts. They exist for you.