Hi! I’m Kayleigh

I’m a former opera singer who knows how awesome the arts are –  especially how much they can help us navigate and make sense of our lives.

But, you’re here to learn a little more about me, so here it is. I’m a Canadian West Coast (best coast) writer and consultant. I’m obsessed with La Croix (coconut is my favourite), my boxer Molly (the most beautiful dog in the world), and, of course, the fine arts. I’m a self-professed study addict (partly for the stationery…), I love routines and minimalism (because – efficiency), and I’ve been a student of personal development and self-improvement since I was a very weird (unique?) child.

I stepped off the opera stage a few years ago to go back to school, and I got my law degree and an MBA (simultaneously, because #studylove). Why did I do this? So I could bring the following awesome, important, urgent message to more people:

You need art. You just don’t know it yet.

Okay – full transparency, I didn’t KNOW that was my Big Important Why. I just knew that performing wasn’t all I was meant to do, and I knew those degrees could add to my personal toolkit. But now that I’ve been a professional artist, AND a professionally unhappy lawyer and corporate minion, I know that people just like me – and just like you – need art. You need it RIGHT FLIPPIN’ NOW. Because you’re probably stressed, or sad, or stuck, or confused about what the hell is wrong with your life/the world/everything, and you could use some guidance on what to do about it all.

Well who would have thought, but the answers are actually all in one place. I leaned on art during hard, stressful years for insight into my own feelings, connection to how other people have gotten through immense challenges, and inspiration for how I was going to turn it all around.

You can too, and I’ll teach you how. It’s actually pretty easy, profoundly rewarding, and really fun.

So, if you’re like me and you love to learn new things, connect with the richer parts of life, and generally become a cooler, better, calmer, more engaged, more inspired human being, stick around and I’ll show you the ropes.


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