The fine arts are a complete guide to being human

…and they were made for you

You know how people say life doesn't come with a manual? Well, those people are wrong.

For thousands of years, we've captured what it means to be human in the visual, dramatic, and musical arts. Now here we are, getting really good at being high vibe and meditating and eating lots of kale... but we've forgotten one amazing tool for living well: a roadmap to being a person that other humans – brilliant, flawed, human humans – compiled for us.

The arts are a guide to everything beautiful and hard and complicated about living, yet we're turning a blind eye to them because we're unaware, uninitiated, and intimidated to dive in.

The arts aren't scary – we’re just thinking about them the wrong way. They're just a whole bunch of really amazing things made by really amazing people that tell us all about how to live. They're the missing tool in our wellness toolkit.

So stick around to learn about the arts and the lives of artists. Through them, your life – like the lives of so many humans before you – can be Artfully Guided.


Intimidated by the fine arts? Don’t be.


Hi! I’m Kayleigh

I’m a wildly enthusiastic, stationery-loving, La Croix-swilling studyholic, and I’m obsessed with two things: the fine arts, and personal development.

I’m also a former opera singer with a law degree, an MBA, and the mouth of a sailor (partly offset by my hopefully charming mid-west Canadian accent). Stick with me and you’ll learn everything that is magical and life-giving and, well, just plain AMAZING about the fine arts.

Most importantly, if you hang out with me, you’ll learn how to tap into the fine arts for direction, clarity, and inspiration for your own life. Together, let’s nerd out and use the fine arts to become better, cooler, more inspired humans.


You can sit with me! I’ll be your guide.

Truth: the arts are almost unbearably amazing

You know that feeling where you read an incredible novel or see the BEST movie, and you feel like your heart and brain are going to simultaneously explode? That feeling is how all great art feels. And, when you dive into the world of classical music, visual arts, theatre, and dance… well, prepare to experience that feeling x1,000,000.

But you have to learn how to use them

It’s easy to pick up whatever book Oprah just recommended or go to an Oscar-winning movie to get that mind-blowing, heart-opening experience. It’s a lot more intimidating to pick a symphony concert or ballet to go to. You might not know what you’ll like. You might be worried about clapping at the wrong time, or wearing the wrong thing, or just generally having no idea what’s going on. Trust me – you’re not the only person who feels that way.

And once you do, they can uplevel your life

But if you learn how to interact with the fine arts without intimidation, an absolute treasure trove of goodness awaits you. The arts are like a toolkit – providing you with resources for inspiration, meditation, self-reflection, empowerment, and joy. Whether you’re stuck for ideas, going through a difficult time, or just seeking to be uplifted, the fine arts should be one of your primary wellness resources. Generations before us knew it… but somehow, we’ve forgotten.


Less anxiety, more inspiration. Let’s get artsy.


Ready? Start Here

Do you have a shelf of dog-eared personal development classics, inspiring non-fiction, and stories that lead you toward being a better you? Are you into meditation, yoga, self-reflection, or empowering, thoughtful podcasts? Do you like to learn new things and expand your ways of thinking? Most of all – do you seek more clarity, inspiration, calm, certainty, and joy in your own life? If so, my friend… you’re my person. Let’s dive in.


Your Fine Arts Starter Guide

A no-judgment, back-to-basics guide to the worlds of classical music, dance, theatre, and visual arts. Took some violin lessons as a kid but can’t remember any music terms? Start here. Enjoyed ballet until university but have never been to a museum? You start here, too. Know absolutely dick all about the fine arts? Definitely start here. Hell… whatever. Everybody start here!


You + Art = Better You

A bit of an amuse-bouche on what the fine arts can do for you, and why a working knowledge of the arts is an essential tool in every young hustler, innovator, and change-maker’s toolkit.


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Let’s be artsy friends, yes?

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